What Is Social Model Detox?

In addition to helping people break a physical drug addiction, most detox programs want to provide this service with as little discomfort as possible. They help addicts continue on the road to recovery, but addicts need help determining which detox type will help them best. If you would like to detox in a particular way, […]

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Managing Emotions during an Addiction Intervention

Addiction interventions are intense and volatile events. It is common, and extremely unhelpful, for both the addict at the center of the intervention and those conducting it to become emotionally explosive. One of the primary jobs of a professional interventionist is to help the friends and loved ones of the San Francisco area addict successfully […]

Interventions around the Holidays

The timing of an intervention can be difficult to determine. Catching your loved one at the right moment while also lining up a roster of those closest to him or her isn’t an easy task. When staging an intervention for a San Francisco loved one, it is important to prepare for any situation or line […]

Finding Spirituality during Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is different for every user, and while some users experience a spiritual awakening during their recovery, others may not. Finding spirituality during addiction recovery can be gratifying for some San Francisco addicts and can help aid in their recovery. If you do not find spirituality, however, it does not mean that your recovery […]

Defining a Drug Abuse Problem

There are several different levels of drug abuse, and defining which stage of the addiction cycle you are at can be a challenge. Regardless of this challenge, know that no matter how often you abuse drugs, you put yourself at risk for addiction the longer you abuse drugs. In other words, the longer San Francisco […]